Best IPTV Service Providers of 2023: Ranking of Paid Internet TV Providers

What is paid IPTV for?

paid IPTV

Paid IPTV should be chosen for the following reasons:

  • Improved image quality when viewing. Special programs are used to maintain excellent quality.
  • Technical support is constantly working. You can contact us with any question that arises. You will be answered by a live person, not a bot.
  • Screen recordings are saved for 3 days or more (the “Archive” function).
  • The TV program is constantly working.
  • Channels for viewing do not disappear, they work stably.
  • There is no copyright infringement. Your channels will not be blocked.

There are other reasons why you should choose a paid IPTV. Next, specific providers will be considered, and you can choose the best one.

Advantages of Internet TV

In modern realities, everyone can find a product, a service to their liking. This rule also applies to IPTV. Thus, for $ 1, access to Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian or French channels will be provided.


Internet channels, unlike terrestrial channels, give more room for maneuver. This is not only the clarity of the picture, HD resolution, but also the option to view programs from the archive (not only live broadcasts). The digital format is devoid of the standard analog problems: there are no signal dropouts, top-class sound, color depth, as in expensive computer design studios. Self-updating playlists, another highlight of IPTV, make it impossible to be disappointed in watching due to the fact that some links are inactive.

And the symbolic (sometimes literally) payment for the subscription justifies the costs incurred.

Important terms before studying the ranking


Before you get acquainted with the ranking of the best IPTV providers, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts.

“Multiroom”. This is an option with which you can connect TVs with Smart TV or Smart set-top box to your account. That is, you pay for 1 device, but at the same time you can watch digital TV on different TVs. But you can watch videos with the “Multiroom” function not in all services, not everywhere this function is free. All devices that you connect must be connected to the same Internet network, have the same IP.

“Billing on request”. Usually, payment is made once a month. However, there is also an option without a subscription fee. That is, you pay only for what you used (hours, minutes of viewing). Sometimes it turns out to be much cheaper than when paying a tariff. This is very beneficial if you rarely watch TV.

“Archive”. The archive stores records for the last time – from 3 days or more. This means that you can watch all the missed programs within the archive. Some providers allow you to view recordings for the last week and even 10 days.

Best Paid IPTV Providers

Among the equals in characteristics, for sure, there will be the best “middle peasants” and “so-so” providers. To understand the difference between them, let’s take a closer look at Sharavoz, Top, VIP, OTT and other offers. Meet: 11 Best Paid IPTV Channels.


Buy iptv ireland

Not all operators provide broadcasts in FullHD, 4K quality. TopIPTV is a pleasant exception. Let there be not a thousand or two channels, but only 310. Technical support reacts at lightning speed. By the way, when you contact the chat, a daily test of the Premium class tariff is automatically given. The basic fee is from $ 1. The service always has promotions, discounts.

TOP 11 Best IPTV Pay TV Providers of 2024

A provider that is sure to please the client with a variety of packages. The cost of the basic package, which contains 629 SD (720 X 576) channels, is $3. There is also a discount when buying for several months in advance. So, if you buy the service for 12 months, then instead of $36, you pay only $27.36.

Regardless of the chosen tariff, the user receives the functions of “Multiroom” and archive. The first allows you to use three devices with the same IP address. The archive allows you to view a list of missed programs. We will not bypass the intuitive personal account, with the help of which it is convenient to pay for services.


TOP 11 Best IPTV Pay TV Providers of 2024

Unlike competitors, this provider divides packages not by quantity, but by subject. For example, 48 resources from “Cinema” cost only $2.5, while the “educational” package with 41 channels costs $1.5 per month. However, the generalized “main” package with 66 channels, which costs $ 1.6, is also supported.

Despite the already penny “prices”, the provider periodically holds promotions and arranges discounts. The “archive” function is supported by almost all channels from the list, but is limited to 3 days of storage. For the undecided, the provider offers the “VIP ALL” service, which includes all channels. This luxury costs 10 dollars.



It will not be superfluous that among the providers providing a choice of services, there are many different offers and prices. For example, IPTV. ONLINE prices are published exclusively in rubles. The start starts with a ridiculous amount of 100 rubles (equivalent to 1.3 dollars at the current exchange rate).

The user receives 6 hundred channels (and this is not the limit), an archive for 2 days and the option to connect 2 devices at the same time.

Cbilling TV

Cbilling TV

This provider, in comparison with others, occupies an average position: the cost of services is from $ 3 for 30 days, testing – during the day. I was pleased with the record shelf life of archival videos and playlists – a week. Unfortunately, there is no multiroom.


TOP 11 Best IPTV Pay TV Providers of 2022

A veteran of IPTV with ten years of experience. The provider offers cardsharing and Internet TV services. The company offers to build and use its own package for $3 per month. There is a free test access for 24 hours. In total, the provider provides access to 625 channels.

There is support for a multiroom with a maximum number of 3 devices. The archive stores information for the last 5 days. Access to channels is organized through Android, SmartTV, TV set-top boxes and a web interface. The obvious advantages include the presence of as many as 16 UHD channels.

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TOP 11 Best IPTV Pay TV Providers of 2022

The provider does not indulge customers with a large selection, but offers only one package, which includes 470 channels, where 160 of them are HD and UHD (4K). To assess the quality, the company offers 24 hours of test access to content. Especially pleasing is the system of promotions, discounts and promotional codes.

The plug-in video library contains more than 33190 movies and TV shows. There is a “multiroom” function with the connection of up to 3 devices. To sum up, it’s a great choice if the client can’t decide on the right content. There is no need to pay once again for certain categories of content, for example, sports.



Excellent service with stable broadcasts and inexpensive tariff plans. A very good selection of channels, there are also archives for 5 days.

There are four tariffs to choose from. Their cost ranges from $2 to $3 per month (depending on the subscription period). The longer the subscription period, the higher the cost of connection.

There are 1000 TV channels of different quality available. You can watch them on any device that supports playlist downloads.

Discounts are provided when paying for a certain period of time. For example, if you pay for 90 days, the discount will be 3%. For 180 days, the discount will be 5%. For 1 year, the discount will be 10%.

To use the service, register, then confirm your email address. Log in to your personal account to use the connection data.



“CBilling” (“Gomel-Sat”) is one of the most “ancient” providers. It has been working for more than 17 years!

Free access is available throughout the day. However, you must register with the “VPN” disabled, otherwise you will not have a free test day.

The cost of TV service starts at $3 and ends with a $10 package. At the moment, there are discounts for payment in bulk. More payment – more additional money will be charged. So you can get twice as much money as you put into your account.

The most expensive IPTV package “Premium” includes a live broadcast with more than a thousand channels, as well as a library with more than 3500 movies, TV series in good quality. There are also channels without compression.

The Electronic Transmission Program (“EPG”) is supported by all packages. The archive is provided for all tariff plans during the week, except for the “LIVE” packages. If there is a need to connect additional devices (up to 2 devices), you will have to pay $ 7.5 for each.

The fee for the post-request tariff is charged differently and is determined by the viewing time: an hour of viewing from 0 to 18 hours in standard quality costs $0.03, and in HD – $0.05; In the evening (from 18 to 0), the cost of broadcasting increases to 0.05 dollars, and for high-quality channels – up to 0.08 dollars.

In order to start using the services of the provider, register, then confirm your email address. Log in to your personal account to use the connection data.



«IP-TV. “BEST” is an excellent provider that offers a paid IPTV playlist with more than 1000 channels for a very normal price.

The connection is available on almost any device that supports playlist downloads. It can be an iOS or Android phone, Smart TV, computer, etc.

Of the features of this provider, one can note the presence of an archive for 5 days, the ability to simultaneously view on two devices, as well as free use for a day.

The provider offers 4 thematic packages: “Sports”, “For Adults”, “Basic” and “ViP-ALL”. Pricing plans cost $0.8-$7. Their cost depends on the tariff plan and on the period for which the subscription is issued. The longer the period for which you subscribe, the more you get a discount.

IPTV Online

IPTV Online

“IPTV Online” is a fairly popular service due to its proprietary programs for Windows and Android.

The provider is engaged in maintaining good and high-quality service. This is evidenced by regular news reports in your personal account. It is possible to use a test package in order to understand how suitable this provider is for you. You can activate this package yourself. To do this, click the button in the “Select Package” section.

You can choose 1 of 4 simple tariffs: basic (worth $2.49) includes more than 700 channels; Adult 18+ ($1) includes 15 channels; sports ($1) – 87 channels; “VIP ALL” ($3.49) – more than 1000 channels, and they are in 4K quality. The latter package can be paid in a one-time payment for 10 years for only $129.

The personal account has all the necessary information on setting up the tariff. There is also a playlist editor to manage channel lists. You can add to the playlist not only certain collections of TV channels, but also individual programs in smaller quantities.



ITV LIVE is a well-known provider with good image quality.

This provider has per-minute billing (post-payment), which averages $0.00072 per minute. The supplier does not provide a test (trial) mode, so you will need to purchase one of the tariffs.

However, you can pay with this supplier for any number of days – from 1 day. Also, there is no way to connect more than one device for free – the multiroom is paid, up to 50 devices with payment for each. These are two rather significant drawbacks of the service.

Otherwise, users did not find any shortcomings in the provider. In addition to Russian federal programs, there are also Italian, German, English, Ukrainian and many others. There are different genres: cinema, sports, music, philosophical, for children. The two most expensive tariffs — VIP ALL ($9.90) and Premium+ ($5.90) — include more than 700 and 330 channels, respectively. The archive on different packages is different: somewhere only 3 days, and somewhere it reaches 10 days.

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In order to start using the services of the provider, register, then confirm your email address. Log in to your personal account to use the connection data.



Kineskop is an IPTV provider that provides access to 772 channels. Many of these channels are of high quality, including in 4K.

An archive of broadcasts for the week is available. There are 3 plans to choose from at $3, $5, and $10 per month. Deposit bonuses start at $0.6. The maximum deposit bonus of $99 is 730 points (1 point = $0.16).

To get a test playlist, you need to verify your account in your personal account, the “Account Status” section. After verifying your account, you will be credited with a day of free viewing. This will be displayed in your payment history. If the message “Your IP address has already been registered” is displayed during activation, you need to contact the technical support chat.

Log in to your personal account using your username and password when registering. Then follow the link and click on “Download Playlist”. Pausing viewing makes sense for more than a day. To do this, you need to log in to your personal account.



“Vip Drive” is an affordable service, there are more than 4000 channels in the playlist. It is possible to watch channels in good quality at a cost of $ 1 per month. To watch “VipDrive IPTV TV”, you first need to register in your personal account.

In order to start using the services of the provider, register, then confirm your email address. Log in to your personal account to use the connection data.

“Vip Drive” works on various devices around the world. For high-quality viewing of more than 4000 channels of Vip Drive IPTV channels, you need Internet at a speed of at least 5 Mbps.



“Glanz.TV” can be called a newcomer among IPTV providers. The provider is quite good. You can use 1 trial day to see if the conditions suit you. To activate the trial day, write to the provider’s support team on the website or via live chat.

The Multiroom service is available simultaneously for three devices completely free of charge. The playlist is added to two devices, and the third goes to the “stalker” portal. There are 800 television channels available (and most of them are of high quality), there are also 11 channels in 4K resolution. A weekly archive is available.

Your TV

This provider, unlike the previous ones, does not distribute its services in Russia and the CIS, but it will be an excellent option for Russians living abroad who want to watch Russian-language TV channels for a small amount of money.

Your TV

You can subscribe for 1 month for 715 rubles, for 3 months for 2150 rubles and for a year for 8550 rubles. Each package has the same composition of broadcasts – more than 250, many of them in HD format. The service cannot be called cheap. The rather high price is due to the fact that in addition to standard channels, there is access to premium content – Amedia, Viasat, etc.

The provider is broken down by topic. For a small surcharge, you can buy an 18+ package with FHD channels. The advantage of your TV should be considered high-quality technical support and prompt resolution of any issues. View one account is available on 3 devices with one IP address. The trial period is 1 day.



Perhaps the most “fat” conditions. For the equivalent of $ 5, the user is provided with a multiroom for 3 devices (you can watch IPTV at the same time), 3-day testing and an archive for 5 days! OTT fans claim that the provider has a higher channel stability than its competitors.

A connection is made to portals that provide optimal speed and quality of connection. The programs are included in the top broadcasts in the CIS and Russia. At least 280 TV channels can be viewed. The provider also has excellent support. It’s a pity, the cost of services is too high.


Rating of the top 11 providers of the best pay-TV IPTV

This provider will be of particular interest to those who are attracted by regular and profitable promotions. For example, now the cheapest package can be bought for exactly $ 1, instead of $ 1.5. That is, only on shares it turns out to save half the cost. The basic package, by the way, includes more than 162 channels of SD and Full HD quality.

It is worth noting that, in addition, you need to connect a separate package for $ 2 if you want to get access to sports content. However, this is rather a plus, because not everyone is interested in sports, and it is irrational to overpay for it.

At the moment, CRDRU provides access to 1129 TV channels: 635 SD (720×576), 479 HD (1920×1080), 15 4K (3840×2160) quality.

iLook TV

An IPTV TV provider that previously became famous due to the development of a similar, but no longer available iEdem TV service. Access to content is provided using OTT technology (without intermediaries in the person of an Internet provider) – which is why neither satellite dishes nor special network equipment will be needed for viewing. A browser on a computer, mobile platforms or TVs that support Smart TV functions is enough.

Rating of paid IPTV providers in Russia: television through Internet services

Before watching digital channels, you will have to subscribe for $ 1 (the price varies depending on the chosen payment method) and download a special playlist to a media player that supports IPTV. The same VLC Player copes with the task in a couple of ways – through URL links or files with the extension “m3u8” or “m3u”. Both options are presented by the supplier on the official website.

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The advantages of iLook TV come down to both quality and quantity. On the service side, the subscription price is $ 1, powerful servers scattered around the world, setting the quality of broadcasts and channels sorted by genre, subject and even language, of which more than 700 have already accumulated. And there will be no problems with the minimum requirements – even for HD quality, 5 Mbps is enough.

Sharavoz TV

A paid IPTV provider that provides access to 1700 television channels broadcast in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Europe. Before viewing content on the official website, you will have to register, immediately providing payment information. The money will be debited for the next day – at first there is a trial period for 24 hours. To unlock further access, you will have to pay $ 3 per month.

Rating of paid IPTV providers in Russia: television through Internet services

In addition to an impressive collection of channels, the provider allows you to control the quality of broadcasts (the choice between SD and HD is presented on the official website and is available in media players on computers and mobile platforms) and look into the archive of individual channels. Transfers are stored for 3 days, and then transferred to the trash.

An unexpected bonus of the service is rewards when paying for a subscription for six months or a year in advance: there will be a chance to save from 5 to 10%.

Best Paid IPTV Providers in 2022

~360 channels, FullHD and 4K broadcasts. Prices below the market, fast support and constant promotions when replenishing the balance.

Since the beginning of 2021, several dozen channels have been added. The quality of the streams is stable and good. Added archive for 3 days to federal and some Ukrainian channels.

A separate tariff with 60+ sports channels for $2.

Pay attention to the bonus grid:

Best Paid IPTV Providers in 2022

Contact the online chat on the official website and get a free test of the Premium package for a day!


Best Paid IPTV Providers in 2022

A stable IPTV provider that automatically adjusts to your location and connects your device to the nearest of 6 servers for the best speed.

250+ channels, most of them in HD. TV channels are not junk, but the most rated in the Russian Federation, the CIS and Europe.

Viewing is available on 3 devices at the same time, an archive of TV shows for up to 7 days, a TV guide and a special mode for sports broadcasts (increases the frame rate to 50 per second).

After the change of ownership of the company at the end of 2020, a lot has changed: technical support does not respond in the chat, answers are only sent to mail on average every other day; increased the cost of tariffs; We removed the on-request billing and reduced the list of channels.

Three tariff plans: Lite for 4.5 €, Medium for 7 € (+ archive and erotica) and Full for 10 € (+FullHD and Ultra TV Sport mode).

Upon registration, they give 3 days of a free test; Discounts for payments from 3 months. Replenishment through bank cards, Yandex Money, WebMoney and cryptocurrency.

IPTV online

An old and reliable provider with various channel packages. The basic plan is $2.49 per month for 595 TV channels in SD and HD quality. 13 adult channels per dollar per month. For sports fans, there are 87 sports channels per dollar monthly. Who needs everything at once, VIP ALL package with 850 channels in HD, 4K, SD quality, with a payment of $ 3.49 per month.

The provider has popular Russian channels, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, German and other countries. Including educational, cinema, children’s, entertainment and news programs.

A 24-hour trial test can be activated in your personal account. Multiple servers for reliable, stable operation. Watch on a variety of devices, including Windows, Android, and Smart TV.

If you do not know which applications to use to watch iptv TV and how to add playlists to them, we recommend a selection of free iptv players.

TV Team

IPTV TV provider with tariffs starting at $ 0.5 per month for 115 channels, which include popular federal Russian channels, 12 film, 3 children’s, 6 educational and several other channels.

  • There is a tariff with 512 TV channels with a payment of $ 0.9 per month.
  • The VIP All package with 1290 channels can be purchased for $4.9 per month.
  • Viewing can be run on various devices, including computers, smart TV set-top boxes and android devices.
  • A test period of 3 days can be requested via the bot’s telegram @TvTeamRobot the test command.

Comparison of paid IPTV providers

If your eyes run up from the offers and you can’t figure out which one is more suitable, then study our comparison table. It will help you navigate and choose the best offer for you.

The name of the serviceCost of servicesPossibility of free testingArchivesMultiroom
Antifriztv.comFrom the dollarWithin 3 daysYes, the option is providedNot provided
Sharavoz.tvFrom $3Yes, during the dayYes, for 6 daysNot provided
uz-tv.netFrom $2Not providedNot providedNot provided
shara-tv.orgFrom $3Yes, during the dayNot providedDesigned for up to three devices
ip-tv.bestFrom $0.8You can watch channels for free during the dayYes, archiving for 5 daysDesigned for 2 devices
crdtv.neFrom 5-6 dollarsNot provided, testing costs $1This option is not providedNot provided

Paid IPTV services are the best option for those who want to watch their favorite movies and programs in good quality at any time of the day.

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